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This is more than a product..... It’s a service based on personal interest.

JC Hilly remembers going to the stock car races with his family starting at age 6. Each race they went to see fueled JC’s interest in cars. At 16, JC bought his first vehicle- a 1955 Plymouth. He spent a lot of his time under the hood of the Plymouth, learning to fix it himself.

Eventually, JC was able to start restoring cars for fun, instead of just working on one all the time to keep it running. He has won many awards for his restoration work over the years- The most notable being a 1933 ford coupe-"best in show", a 1937 Ford slant back "best in class" and a 1950 COE Car hauler "best in show". His current project is restoring a 1938 Chevy COE (cab over engine) car hauler.

A work related move sent JC to the Pacific Northwest in 2004. The high number of classic and custom cars, the local community and the laid-back lifestyle are what keeps him here still today.

Now happily semi-retired from commercial construction, JC is thrilled to have the time to work on developing his Auto Appraisal Network franchise. "I met AAN (Auto Appraisal Network) because I have a collection of cars myself and they did all my appraisals for insurance purposes. I was so impressed with it and I began to realize how important it is to have appraisals done for classic and collector vehicles. I found myself recommending it to friends so often that I decided I should just buy a franchise- so I did!"

JC provides a variety of appraisal services, including appraisals for agreed value insurance policies, diminished value/prior-to-loss claims, divorce settlements, estate planning, bankruptcy and finance appraisals.

He also does pre-purchase inspections for the seller and/or the buyer. He appraises classic, custom and collector vehicles, boats, antique boats, RV’s, motorcycles and late-model cars throughout Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

For all your car appraisal, diminished value and pre-purchase inspection needs, contact JC Hilly at Auto Appraisal Network-Tacoma. He has the knowledge and experience needed to fairly and accurately value your vehicle. "It’s very seldom you find a product [like ours] that really is more of a service to the person because it’s what we do here, is a personal interest."

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JC Hilly - Auto Appraisal Network of Tacoma Owner

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